Our Team
  1. Mychelle Clark
    Mychelle Clark
    I have been involved in Western and English riding for many years as a child and have really kicked it into gear these last few years with many opportunities and ongoing lessons in reining, trail, cow work, western pleasure and hunter pleasure. I have worked on a few large training and boarding facilities with many horses (feed crew/ranch hand), was on an Equestrian Drill Team, have given many guided trail rides, have been involved with SFA Ranch Horse Team, as well as assisting at the SFASU Equine Center with research studies and my own special projects while acquiring my BS in Animal Science with an Equine Minor from SFASU. I currently ride with Mr. Ashcraft at his cutting facility in Sulphur Springs and Western Trail with Center Ring Arabians. When I'm not working off-site or with horses in training, I also solidify a good foundation and work on finishing my own horses and keep up with all horses involved with Wicked PH. I am very passionate about furthering my own education and experience as well as teaching anyone who wants to improve their riding skills and overall horse husbandry. It's very important to have an open heart and an open mind.
  2. Brittany Blackburn
    Brittany Blackburn
    My professional equine career began with a Basic Horsemanship course at SFASU, where I majored in Psychology and minored in Animal Science, and has only blossomed since. I fell in love with the equine world, and am now undertaking ongoing training in competitive trail, hunt seat, and Western pleasure riding. I have experience working at a handful of boarding facilities and caring for many horses with specific dietary requirements. I have worked as a ranch-hand, and acquired some riding experience, at highly competitive reining facilities. I was on Equestrian Drill Team, have instructed children in beginner-level riding, and have given guided trail rides to riders of all experience levels. I love my job here at Wicked Performance Horses, and believe that any horse deserves a chance at becoming a reliable, functional animal. I make it a personal mission to make any horse I train the best it possibly can be, and love that this is the attitude we embrace here at Wicked PH. I stand by the idea that horseback riding is the best form of therapy for any person, and want to spread the joy of riding to every student and client I meet.